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Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod

Lightspeed active noise reduction and premium features for your new or existing helmet

Helmet wearers can now experience the same remarkable Lightspeed comfort, quiet, clarity, and advanced features that have made Lightspeed the choice of private and professional pilots around the world for over 20 years — with the security of a 3-year warranty!

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Features & Benefits

  • Legendary noise reduction and acoustic clarity — Enjoy fatigue reduction and clearer communications enabling you to focus on flying and the mission at hand. 
  • Engineered for comfort — Plush ear seals with abundant surface area are designed for comfort on long duty days — even while wearing glasses. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity — Enjoy excellent call clarity, music fidelity, and wireless access to critical audio alerts from aviation apps on mobile devices. 
  • 3-year warranty — Zulu H-Mod is backed by a three year factory warranty. 
  • Quick disconnect cable — Experience more convenient egress with Lightspeed’s exclusive detachable cable system. This quick disconnect has a 9-pound pull force (4 kg), and makes emergency egress even safer. 
  • Kevlar reinforced cable system — Stronger and more flexible than standard cables, these rugged cables have proven themselves for durability, stay out of the way, and weigh less than traditional or coiled options. 
  • ComPriority™ — Never miss important radio communications with patented ComPriority, which lowers the volume of any auxiliary device automatically during radio or intercom transmissions. 
  • Auto Shutoff™ — Lightspeed’s proprietary Auto Shutoff feature saves battery life by automatically shutting down the power when not in use. 
  • High and low impedance options — Whether you fly military or civilian, Zulu H-Mod can be adapted to your mission. 
  • Multiple connection options for any helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.


A fully engineered ANR solution for fixed wing and rotor helmets 

  • 3-year factory warranty 
  • Strong and flexible Kevlar reinforced cable assembly 
  • Integrated Bluetooth® for phone and music 
  • Quick disconnect for convenient egress 
  • Expert factory-certified installers