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Comfortable and Ergonomic, for a broad range of applications

Comfortable, Lightweight and Ergonomic, the LH050 is the ideal choice for a broad range of applications.

Coming standard equipped with a carbon fibre sun visor peak (developed specifically by MSA for Australian conditions) , tinted internal visor, and best in class weight the LH050 is an obvious choice due to its amazingly compact and robust form factor.

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  • Sizes from 52 to 63 cm
  • Weight under 1 kg for all models of helmets before configuration
  • Carbon fibre visor peak standard.

Features & Benefits

  • Protection against impacts and perforation is ensured by a shell in carbon fibers and aramid, and by an expanded polystyrene inner padding with high density.
  • Retention system is studied for optimal security and carriage.
  • High degree of passive noise protection.
  • Solar screens or for low visibility, anti-shock and treated anti-scratch.
  • Excellent field of vision.
  • Exceptional head range of movability.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a customized kit of pads which can be entirely disassembled.
  • Center of gravity assured natural stability.
  • Dual visor colour options to ensure excellent vision regardless of the weather conditions.

Sizing Guide

To establish the correct size helmet shell for your individual head form, please follow the procedure listed below, complete the sizing details and return to Flight Helmets Australia for confirmation.

Helmet Sizing Instructions

Communications Options

The Communications packages we install have been developed by MSA Gallet - the Safety Company. There are two communications options available for your helmet, standard communications or the ANR (Active Noise Reduction) System.

Standard Passive Communications
  • Option of Civilian (300 Ohm) or Military compatible systems for both helicopters & fixedwing applications.
  • Choice of single U174/U NATO plug or Dual General Aviation Plugs.
  • Choice of High Quality David Clarke Electret Microphone or Dynamic Microphone.
  • Sagem Earphone Speakers.
  • Choice of coiled 5ft (standard) or straight 3ft communications cord (by special order only)
  • Standard Military Wire Boom (Half Flex Microphone Boom (by special order only)
  • Standard with upgraded gel ear seals
Active Noise Reduction (ANR)

9 Volt disposable battery power pack. (Power Adapter also available as upgrade option)

  • This system features the inclusions of the standard communications system with theaddition of electronic ANR modules to the earphone/speaker carrier.
  • The installation is powered a single 9 volt disposable battery mounted in an externalbattery pack.
  • Battery life is rated for 15 to 20 hours of continuous helmet use.
  • Reverts to standard passive communications should battery expire.
  • Rechargeable battery system also compatible. (not included)
  • Aircraft power adaptor optional extra - Input of 33 volts with an output of 9 volts.


  • Agricultural
  • Aerobatics
  • Mustering
  • Long Lining
  • Search & Rescue Crew
  • Mining/Geo Survey
  • Animal Control
  • Medical Services
  • General Application