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Service & Repairs

At Flight Helmets Australia, we not only provide a full range of MSA Gallet - The Safety Company helmets, but we also service and repair all your MSA Gallet - The Safety Company helmets.

Does your helmet need repairs or replacement parts?

If you have any queries related to repairs or replacement for your helmet always contact us as we offer an extensive range of parts and repairs.

Talk to us about service and repairs

The repair services we offer include the following: 

  • Total Helmet Refurbishment including the options to replace the following parts if required. Full consultation with customer prior to refurbishment
  • Shell Integrity Inspection
  • Outer Visor Lenses
  • Inner Visor Lenses
  • Impact Liner Cap
  • Comm Sets
  • Microphone
  • Boom Mount
  • Mic Boom
  • Comfort Liner
  • Edge Roll
  • Ear Cups
  • Ear Seals
  • Chinstrap
  • Earphones
  • New Screws
  • NVG Quick Release Visor Cover
  • Our total helmet refurbishment also includes total strip down and polish

Quality Guarantee

At Flight Helmets we only provide BRAND NEW helmets dispatched directly from our suppliers MSA Gallet - The Safety Company - world leaders in aviation safety products. Your safety and well being are vital to us so we NEVER risk your head safety with second hand or used items.

All of our helmets are individually inspected and tested in our workshop, each helmet has a log card and is individually certified. This allows us to give a guarantee on our complete helmet range and ensures the highest safety and quality of your purchase. The log card is updated at each service so you have a complete history of the life of that helmet.

If at any stage you require maintenance or repairs to be done on your MSA Gallet helmet, contact us and we will arrange for the work to be done as soon as possible.